Monday, August 23, 2010


So finally we made it to Eger yesterday. A city some 100 over kilometers from our place. Took us nearly 1 1/2 hours to reach there I think. Bonnie was grumbling away the last 30 minutes of the journey. She couldn't take the long drive.

The weather was perfect and the city was really nice. First, we checked out the minaret. I think it is the remnant of a mosque perhaps? You can go up, few people at a time. We didn't go up though.

The ancient looking wall on the left hand side of the picture is the original wall of the city. If I remember it correctly, it was built in the 15th century.

The basillica.

Dobo Istvan. The ruler of 16th century Eger.

The famous Eger castle.

A little info I took from wiki:

The Castle of Eger in Hungary is most famous for its repelling of the Turkish attack in 1552 during the Siege of Eger. In 1552, a Turkish army of 80,000 soldiers attacked the castle which had 1,935 defenders. The siege failed as the defenders killed more than 8000 Turks. A total of 1700 of the defenders survived. In 1701, the Austrians exploded half of the castle (the Külső vár)

With only less than 2,000 Hungarian defenders against 80,000 Turks. Gosh I can only imagine how scary it must have been for the Hungarians. And yet less than 300 of them died while they managed to kill over 8000 Turks. Pretty remarkable.There is a tomb with the names of the heroes who fought in the 1552 siege. Amazing that these people lived some few hundred years ago and still remembered to this day. Well, meet the real Hungarian 'knights of the round table' (or what ever shape of table they used back then). :p

View of the city from the castle.

We checked out the dungeon, the underground tunnels, the wax work, and the tomb. By far it is the best castle that we've been to. Though the view in Visegrad is still the best. :)

Anyway, before we went back home we were lucky enough to watch a short Hungarian traditional dance.


Ayu said...

Ahaha we stayed only a few hundred meters from Bazilika :) I think Eger looks better than Budapest in terms of greenery and cleanness.

You should read Egri Csillagok, so far it's my fave Hungarian novel ever.

Where did you stay in Eger? My father-in-law used to work in Hotel Minaret :)

Wow syari...I used to visit that Mister Minute near Skala to get my shoes fixed :p Thanks for the nice pics and vid.

Sultana said...

I agree that Eger is much cleaner than many places in Budapest. :) But Zuglo is as green as Eger I think. Not to sure but just had the feeling as if it is.

It was a day trip. Went early morning, came back evening. So we didn't stay there. But we did see the minaret hotel. :)

Heh, when I was at the castle I thought about how many times you must have been there. How many times actually did you go to see or spend time at Eger castle since it is just a stone's throw away from where you lived?

Ayu said...

Ahahaha only once, can you believe it? I was a spoilt brat back then.

The idea of walking through the "great stairs" along the ancient looking wall in one your pics there turned me off :p I wasn't that amazed when I had grocery bags in my hands lol.

Now I think I'd do it differently, but I still won't walk to the downtown with Adam alone. I'll be in trouble when he gets tired :P

But I do have a new respect for the city after reading its history. The siege in 1552 was quite a story. To think that Egri people survived on their own with no aid from outside...

Sultana said...

Don't remember having to climb any 'great stairs' to go to the castle lah ayu. Or is there another way?

If you are talking about next to the ancient wall, that is just the city wall. The castle I think is a bit further on the other side.

Ayu said...

Not directly to the castle, it's on your 4th picture. It's the city wall. If you continue to go up, you'll have to climb long stairs, no? It leads to Plus next to the bus station. That's the closest route for me to go downtown. So I'd have to climb if I were to go to the market, Dobo Ter, castle, hospital or anywhere else--unless if I go by car.

Sultana said...

The picture was taken on top of the hill, next to the wall. I honestly don't recall climbing long stairs. Hu hu hu. That's why I thought you know of a different route or something. I even asked my husband whether he remembers. He too didn't feel we did. Maybe because we walked up the hill instead? LOL Perhaps that may explain it.

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