Sunday, August 15, 2010


It's the 5th day of Ramadhan today. So far so good. Break fasting here is at around 8 pm. I usually would get up to eat or drink something around 2 am and from then no food and water for some 16 - 17 hours. I didn't feel thirsty or hungry. Tired yes. I would jokingly tell my husband that 'it must have been the exact thing Gandhi felt when he was fasting for the freedom of India'. :)

Anyway, about yesterday. My classmate and I were invited to our sensei's place.  My classmate brought the ingredients for sushi so that she showed us how to make them. Sensei made curry rice. While I made garam masala chicken and tiramisu, which I prepared at home.

Never thought making sushi is rather easy. Just a little bit time consuming perhaps. But it was so interesting and fun. After dinner, we had  tiramisu  while we started watching a Japanese movie. I was glad they liked the tiramisu. :)

Movie ended at around 12 am. Good thing my classmate drives, so she gave me a lift home.


si Dyah said...

Whoaaa...i just had sushi while waiting for Aqila's Mandarin class to end earlier this evening :-)

The sushi does look inviting eh? :-)

Am happy to know that you are doing okay with the fasting, eventhough you fast longer than the people in Southeast Asia. Semangat ! :-D

Ayu said...

Where did your friend get the fresh salmon from? I love seafood, but I can't stomach sashimi :p Your garam masala chicken sounds more tempting :D

Sultana said...

Dyah, ya semangat! :D The sushi tasted fantastic.

Ayu, she bought it from supermarket. Not sure where though. But nowadays you can buy fresh salmon even in tesco. Improved a lot really. My teacher loved the garam masala chicken so much she wanted the recipe.

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