Monday, August 30, 2010


We went to the weekend house again and just came back yesterday evening. We are just trying to spend time as much as we can outside the house on weekends until the weather turns colder. On the way there, we stopped by Nograd to meet up with Mr.H's ex-classmate and his family.

He lives in a village with his family, three children and some animals. Although it is just a village but I really think the place is sweet and serene.

Just a field adjacent to their garden where they let their sheep and goats graze everyday. The  sun sets right over one of those hills.

Turning to the left and looking up, you can see a castle ruin situated on top of a hill. Hope to go there one of these days. A real bonus isn't it to live right next to a castle ruin? :)


Bonnie even had the chance to swim a little bit in their small pool. She swims better than her mommy. :) I am one of those people who swims like an axe.

We had a good time in the weekend as usual. Except for the mice that I saw everytime I enter the kitchen. It was horrifying...

I suppose there will be a few more weekends left for us to enjoy the warm outdoors. It is getting colder. It's about 14-15 degrees celcius right now. Before we know it, it will be the time to get new pair of snow boots for Bonnie.


Ayu said...

Mice? There? I never saw any. Here I see rats often just outside our balconies lol.

Summer will soon end right? My mil will come down to visit us in December. Most probably we'll go to Hungary in April or May next year--still a bit far.

Sultana said...

The house is in a village, so there were mice. Eeeww. Wasn't there before, so I suppose just newly arrived. Never seen one in Budapest though.

Getting cold here. So yeah, summer is ending. :( Hopefully we can meet up when you are here. We also have some plans for around that time. But won't say what though. Wait till the time comes and hopefully it'll go as planned. heeee :D

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