Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bad cold.

I have been having this bad cold for a few days now. It was allergy at first cause I had itchy eyes, so I know it was allergy. Then it went away only to be replaced by a cold. Runny, blocked up nose without the itch in the eyes.

Not feeling too bad now though. At least not as bad as the first day. Had a terrible body ache as if I did hundreds body lifts on the pull up bar, headache and felt cold. Sucks to be sick. I bet everyone agrees. :)

For Eid as usual for the past 3 years, we didn't do much. Since Mr. H went to work, Bonnie went to kindergarten just like any other jnormal day. I just made 'nasi impit' and simple 'rendang' - which are traditional Eid-ul-fitri food in M'sia.Called up my father and spoke to him for more than an hour. I don't miss celebrating Eid like we used to, I just miss my father the most.


Ayu said...

Adam was also very sick on Idul Fitri night. We had to look for clinic at 1 AM because he lost his voice and didn't stop crying. We were in such a hurry that we forgot his ID lol. Thank God they could still treat him.

Hope you're OK now.

We also didn't celebrate Eid. I was always too busy to cook any special food. True, it's my family and friends that I miss the most back home.

Sultana said...

Gosh, it's very worrying I know, when your child is sick. How is he now?

I am better. Still have a bit of a runny nose, and coughing now and then. Otherwise, feel fine. :)

What to do lah Ayu,hidup kita orang merantau... :(

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