Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bonnie the jungle girl.

I am feeling better today. In fact I started to feel good on Sunday after we've spent nearly the whole day outdoors. :) After a week of rainy,cloudy, chilly days, the weather took a turn for the better on Sunday. Bonnie wanted to see the animals at the Zoo, so we said, why not.

Bonnie had her first pony ride that day. On a cute looking pony called Sammy. The rest of the day we spent visiting and feeding the usual animals - giraffe, camels, gophers etc. Bonnie could spend hours and hours looking at the animals.

 If you ask her to choose between a doll and a soft animal toy, she'd go for the animal. She'd play with her animal toys more than her dolls. Most of her drawings are of animals. She loves to sing songs that she made up on her own about animals. :) Her current favourite book is the '1001 animal search' book - the most worn out book on her bookshelf in fact. Her favourite game with her daddy, is name of animals. I think it is a good thing that she has a strong interest on something at such a young age. I hope that she'd continue to love animals and not be afraid of them since I'm a little afraid of so many animals including, cats and dogs. (seriously)

Anyway, at the zoo we even saw a group of 'bhangra' dancers. Punjabis in full bhangra costumes. People may have wondered why these people were in halloween costumes when Halloween is still far off. I think, they most probably stopped by after a performance somewhere. They were quite a spectacle since you don't see 'bhangra' dancers everyday in Budapest. Some Hungarians even took pictures of them. Including Bonnie and I. I even asked one of them to pose with Bonnie. :)

Pictures will come later.

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