Tuesday, September 21, 2010

High school crush.

I have found so many of my ex-school friends through facebook. Many of them I whom I lost contact for many many years. So I was glad that found out what happened to them and where they are currently.

Now, if you can find ex-school friends on facebook, chances that you will one day find your ex-high school crush isn't impossible if not inevitable. :D

Yup, so I found my ex-high school crush and friend on facebook. Haven't seen or heard of him for 14-15 years. Seeing him in the present seemed so strange. :) Happily married with a beautiful wife and daughter. He looks so different from when I knew him back then. He seems like in need of a good advice on how to burn belly fat. LOL (Not that Mr.H doesn't need one too haha, but my husband looks cute with it :p )

Right now, when I think of it, what made me have a crush on this guy? :)  Glad that I'm destinied for someone better (for me at least :) ).

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