Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hot and yummy.

After so long, Tesco finally stocked up with 'cili padi' again. $1.90 for a 50 gm packet. Back in Malaysia I can buy perhaps 1/2 a kilo for that price.

If you live in a Western European country,perhaps sights of asian ingredients and food, like 'cili padi', fresh curry leaves,and fresh lime leaves, mangosteen, starfruits, are pretty normal. Here in Hungary it's like a big deal. LOL 2 years ago, we couldn't even buy ginger at the local supermarket but had to travel to the city center to the big super markets to buy. I've yet to see them selling fresh turmeric. I used to take a little bit of the fresh turmeric juice and dab it on pimples. :p They are not the best natural treatment for acne and pimple but because of their antibacterial properties.

Hmm, I just wait for the day when someone opens a big Asian supermarket (a real one) with all the south east asian ingredients and food stuff sold at affordable prices here in Budapest. It'll be like heaven on earth! :D

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