Monday, September 20, 2010

Some pictures.

We usually would pass by behind the szecsenyi bath everytime we go to the zoo, but this was the first time I actually saw (or notice) the front of the building. Nice... :D

With Sammy the pony. 500 forint ride.

The donkey seemed happy. :)

Picture taken by Bonnie of the Bhangra performers we saw at the zoo the other day.


The leaves are slowly changing colours. Autumn is really here I think.It was forecasted to be clear weather last weekend. But it rained. So even though we went to the weekend house, we stayed indoors most of the time.

Now the weather forecast stated that it'll rain on the coming weekend, so perhaps it won't rain at all. LOL Well, if the weather is clear, we hope to go hiking at Budai hills. Don't know when was the last time we went there. Just felt like walking in the woods after seeing some spotting scopes and binoculars online. All because we love to spot birds in the forest.

Well, one can hope. If not, we can still enjoy some indoor activities too.


Ayu said...

Bonnie is such a big girl now :D And I'm a bit confused. Sometimes she looks like you, and sometimes like her daddy :p Either way, she's looking adorable.

Sultana said...

Ayu, thanks. She's a good combination of both of us that's why she neither really looks like her father nor really look like me. :)She looks European enough people don't discriminate her and people easily accept her as a Magyar. And I'm happy to have people think she looks like me as well since she is my daughter. :)

Do people think Adam looks more like you or Zsolt?

Ayu said...

Here people mostly say Adam looks like Zsolt. I guess because of his skin and height. In Hungary people said he looked exactly like me lol. Personally I think his face is a bit similar to mine, wide and chubby :p And Zsolt said he's got Hungarian temper lol.

Sultana said...

From the pictures I saw,I think, looks wise Adam does look more you than Zsolt. People say 'sejuk' means it's good. The family will be harmonious. Stg like that. Same with daughters too.

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