Monday, September 27, 2010

Stuck in the mud.

Yesterday, our nightmare came true when our car got stuck in the mud for about 8 hours in front of the weekend house. For 8 long hours we toiled in the rain and cold to free it. My fingers got all swollen from the tiny scratches because of the digging I had to do. Lucky thing I am not phobic to earthworms, they were everywhere. Was tough work for two of us.We thought we'd never be able to get back to Budapest in time and had to stay there another night.

The place is known to get very, very muddy when it rains. The earth would literally suck anything that has weight. When you walk in it you can feel your feet sink in, just imagine a car. We knew it yet we parked the car in where it is prone to get muddy. But we didn't expect it to rain (Despite all the forecast warning) due to the beautiful weather the day before.It was a lesson learnt, albeit the hard way.

Today, both Mr. H and I suffer from muscle aches. He, the most since he did more pushing, lifting and all. What made it worse is the apartment is in a mess. Well, the beddings, soiled clothes,and shoes to be washed. And there are people coming in to do repair works. Work men came to repair broken pipes. Seems like apartments below ours got flooded.At the moment we are not allowed to turn on any water while they are doing the works. So much for washing.

Just hope these people will finish work soon!


Ayu said...

8 hours?! Was there nobody you could call around the place? What did Bonnie do while waiting? I can't imagine asking Adam to stay put even for a minute. We're also still having muscle aches from our trip to Bintan. There was no mud, but Prince Adam was on walking strike so we had to carry him around since we didn't bring his stroller lol.

Sultana said...

No kidding ayu. :( 8 hours... The 'boss' didn't want to ask help from neighbours cause didn't want to get people talking. LOL Bonnie was sitting and drawing outside at the porch, giving support 'go daddy go' when we tried to move the car. :D She's bigger so easier, would have been tough if she's 2-3 years old.

Ayu, you should post about your trips (pics would be bonus :D ). At least I can read about places I've never been to as well. :)

Ayu said...

Geez're a super woman. I think I would've given up after 15 minutes, especially with the worms. It's odd, they always appear after rain there, right? I've seen them all over the place along the pavement...yuck! I don't think it's that obvious here.

Maybe I'll write an entry about the trip...but nothing interesting really. The place was more expensive than singapore lol. Oh but then it's interesting, right? ;)

Sultana said...

Not superwoman la ayu. :D You do what you have to do. That's all. Imagine if there is really no one, and only Zsolt is there you wouldn't let your husband do all the work would you? So it was like that for me. :)

Look forward to the post. :D

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