Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunny day and Coraline time.

2 sunshiny days! I'm just happy that I can hang the laundry outside. But still chilly though. I love autumn really, but right now I feel like I'm not ready for cold seasons. :( Wish we can enjoy the beauty of autumn without the coldness. Same with snow. :) Well, I'm lucky at least I don't have to stock up with msm supplement for arthritis and joint pains. There's an old lady living in the building who couldn't walk properly when it's cold.

Anyhow, Bonnie is at kindergarten and husband working. So I decided to watch something on my laptop. Right now I'm watching Caroline. A real good animation with a dark side which isn't for kids below 7 I think. I think it'd be way too creepy for Bonnie. (It was a bit creepy even for me... he he he) So the only time I can watch creepy movies is when she isn't at home.

I'm just waiting for the time when all three of us can really sit down and watch a movie together. With Bonnie now it is really impossible since she talks a lot and can't sit quietly. LOL So I'm pretty amazed at how some people can bring their 3-4 year old kids to the movie cinema even. Lucky people. :)

2 more hours and time to pick my baby from kindergarten. 

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