Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yow your boat.

 In case you are wondering... No, I didn't mistype the word 'Yow' in the title of this post. It was deliberate. :) 'Row,row, row your boat' is a song that I love to get Bonnie to sing.

You see, ever since Bonnie learnt how to speak, it has always been difficult for her to roll her tongue to pronounce the letter 'R'.Instead of 'R' it would come out as a 'Y' sound. So when she sings the 'Row your boat' song it would be like this:

'Yow, yow, yow your boat,
gently down the styeam,
meyyily, meyyily,meyyily, meyyily,
life is 'bout a dyeam.'

'Gyere' which means 'come' in Hungarian would be 'Gyeye' when it comes from her.

So far we are not worried about it. Well, not yet at least. Think it cute even.I am not sure for how long it will be that way. Hopefully not something that we should be concerned about. All the kids that I know who had difficulties pronouncing certain letters turned out okay as they grow up. Hopefully the same for Bonnie too.

Hmm, my pyeety baby giyl is sleeping yight now. Soon it's time for me to go to bed too. Well, after I do a bit of 'click here, click there' - browsing that is. :D Good night.


Ayu said...

Don't worry, I was the same. I think I could pronounce R correctly when I was 6. Probably it's genetic. My nephew just started too, and he's 5 :) Just like Bonnie, he pronounced r as y. Armand became Aymand, burung became buyung :D

Sultana said...

I suppose have to wait a year or two when she can roll her tongue and pronounce 'R'. :)

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