Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Family owl.

I always think that people who are called a 'Morning person' are lucky. Because they don't have to struggle to wake up in the mornings. :) My husband used to tell me that there isn't such a thing as morning or night person. Just sleep early and wake up early. Well, if only it is that easy. Because even if I work myself tired day time I'd still wouldn't be able to sleep before 12. I feel as if it's the time when I can do things. It's like I'm programmed that way.

Interestingly enough there is a research done on this saying that some people are actually genetically 'night' sort of people. So that explains why I'm still up at 11.31 pm when every body else is asleep.

Right now, I'm blogging, and trying to order a new batch of supplements from the UK because I couldn't find the type I need at the local pharmacy. When I think about it, I really do feel thankful for internet shopping. I don't know what I'd do here in Hungary without it. Been to a few local pharmacies and they don't have plain zinc capsules. hmmm At the same time reading up about the hgh supplement at www.besthghsupplements.org, something that can improve metabolisme, help skin regeneration, energy and even sleeping patterns.

I'd better get some shut eye soon, since I've to wake up early -- breakfast to make, and a baby to prepare for kindergarten. 

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