Thursday, October 21, 2010

Joy of being a parent.

Being a parent is not easy. Any parent can testify to that. :) But right now for me, the joy of being one is enough to make the difficulty not felt much.

The first thing I get from Bonnie when she wakes up is a kiss. The last thing I'd get from her is also a kiss. "Good night and see you tomoyyow moyning mommy".

Nowadays, every morning before she goes to kindergarten, she'd tell me, "I'm going to miss you soooo much. Will you miss me mommy??". LOL I think it so sweet. :)

Or when we are sitting quietly doing our own things - I read and she, drawing - she would just suddenly break the silence with, "I want to tell you something mommy". "Sure, what is it?", I'd say. " Bonnie just want to tell mommy, I love you."

I also get to do the best fat burning exercises - dancing, play catch, jumping - with her. It's always fun to do all those things with her. The best part when you have a kid, you can even play with the swings and the slides at the playground with your kid as an excuse. LOL Just imagine if I go to the playground and do all those things alone. People would think I'm a looney. :D
I'm glad that I'm a parent. :)

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Ayu said...

Aah Syari, lucky you. Adam is always changing. It's like he's in a different phase every few months. He used to love me so much, he wouldn't leave me even for a second. Now his daddy is his favorite, he calls "deddi" every now and then. I'm sooo jealous lol.

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