Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today, when we were about to have lunch, Mr. H saw Bonnie's Sarga (Sharga) - her soft toy golden retriever on the chair. "Sarga, is here. Didn't see him much these days" "Nowadays she carries around Pepe". She has a small collection of soft toys. Among them her favourite ones are Sarga the golden retriever, Affi the poodle, Nyuszi the bunny, Palli the small pony and the latest one is Pepe the beagle. When her daddy mentioned Pepe, I was confused because I didn't know she changed the plush toy's name again. "Just changed it this morning" her daddy said.

You see, Bonnie always changes the names of her soft toys a few times before one sticks. Like Sarga, she was Rozsa, Szivecske, Kira and finally Sarga.Affi too was Rozsa, Szivecke, Kira and finally settles with Affi. LOL Pepe was called something else yesterday, (I don't even remember the name), once called Lucy and Jinji was its first name. I wonder what will Pepe be tomorrow. :) One thing for sure will not change is that they are all female. She doesn't like boy animal soft toys. :)

Nice to be a child when the only thing you have to think about is your soft toys' names. :) It'll be a long time till she grows up to be a teenager and worry about how to lose weight fast (If she's going to be like her mommy when she was a chubby teenager that is), peer pressure and what not. But till then, she can keep on figuring out the right names for her soft toys as much as she wants to.

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