Wednesday, October 27, 2010

True blood.

Watching "True Blood" series while blogging this. It is one of the most interesting television series that I've ever watched. Well, a little bit too much on the sex scenes, but the bloody stuff is bearable.

Although my interest on vampires has somewhat diminished over the years, I can still remember how much I loved to read and watch anything about vampirism. So I read most of the stuff about Vlad Tepes, Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary, etc. I think the reason why I love the idea of 'vampires' who live for hundred of years is because they have the chance to see for themselves how the world, the society evolves.

Well the idea of vampires from the Western world is cool. But not the Malaysian ones which are called "Pontianak". A woman with very long wiry black hair,faceless white face and wears a dirty white robe. While the western vampires are usually potrayed as beautiful, sexy creatures of the night, who talk and walk like any human (stronger and faster though), but the Malaysian ones are considered ugly, and they have an eerie laugh and scream that would give goosebumps to anyone who hears them.

In a book I've read years ago on vampirism, it is said that some people are so obsessed about being a vampire they even try to "be" one. So they only go out at night, dress and make-up gothic style, and even drink a bit of blood. Convincing themselves that they are real vampires. Too bad though that, regardless of how you talk yourself into being a vampire, the biological clock doesn't stop ticking. Well,even I thought it was pretty cool too to be a Western vampire (seeing all your loved ones grow old and die would be suck though). Just imagine flawless, white skin, beautiful hair and young forever... he he he... (Maybe they use tea tree oil for acne  and protein shampoo for shiny, glowing hair, and a miraculously good anti wrinkle cream eh? :) ) Though I don't believe anyone would think being a Malaysian vampire is cool. LOL The Malaysian vampires should pick up some beauty tips from the Western ones.

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iliveinq8 said...


Sooo keeeh :P

Sookie is a great actor on the roll hah

I am not surprised .. it is really one of the best HBO show!! and the very next show after trueblood from HBO comes "Nip/Tuck".

If you like Trueblood. I suggest you to watch " Spartacus " :)

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