Friday, October 22, 2010


At the weekend house there are 3 walnut trees. So you can imagine the amount of work that had to be done there. Raking the leaves, burning them,collecting the walnuts, wash the walnuts, and set them to dry.

I didn't know that you actually need to leave them to dry for months or even a year. Well, that's something new. At least I don't have to worry about cracking them till next year. :) Then too will I worry about what to do with all those walnut.

Well, at least all those work is a good work out. Felt warm and sweat a lot when I was picking all those walnut despite the cold weather. Speaking of the cold weather,I realized another thing that I don't really like when it's cold, besides getting my skin dry, I think I tend to eat more. My mom used to tell me that when it rains people eat a lot. So I suppose it doesn't really associate with the rain but more to the temperature.I gained like 3 kg the past few weeks. :( At least that is not enough for me to be looking around for the best diet pill for women now is it? :) Thank goodness.

Hmm... now come to think about the walnuts... we don't even have a nutcracker. Well, let's worry about it next year. :D

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