Thursday, November 18, 2010

Balaton in Autumn.

As usual, while every one else is already in bed, here I am blogging. After some toss and turning in bed, and the sound of Hamlet running on his hamster wheel in the other room kept me up, I decided to just go online. Sleep late, only to wake up early and feeling cranky. That's me. Perhaps I need to try some sleeping pills that work

Anyhow, since I'm up, might as well upload some pictures and a video up here.

Some weeks ago, we went to Siofok, Balaton. To help Mr.H's uncle at a weekend house over there. The garden of the house is adjacent to the lake. So one can imagine what a wonderful place to be in Summer. You can just go and take a dip in the lake anytime you feel like then.

Since we were already nearby, we took the opportunity to visit Mr. H's aunt who is staying at BalatonFured.

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