Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthday countdown.

When people asked Bonnie, "How old are you?", she'd say "4 as always" while showing 4 small fingers. Sounding down and bored when she answered at times (maybe got bored of answering since the answer is always 4). She's been asking when is her birthday and how many more times she has to sleep until that time. Just the same as she would ask about Christmas. She wants presents she says. Well, good thing about having a birthday so near to Christmas, she gets the most presents around that time. But then, other people couldn't come and celebrate her birthday together since they'd be busy shopping, decorating and baking for Christmas. We usually have  small private celebration among ourselves and then on Christmas there'd be another candle blowing for her since there will be more people then. The kindergarten would be closed by the time it's her birthday too. This year we plan to just send a cake to her kindy a week or a few days earlier than her Birthday. So the kids can have a small celebration together.

We went to do a little shopping last week and went around to look for things to buy for her birthday and Christmas. Well, to have an idea of what to buy at least. So far, I thought of getting her a toy cash machine. We've been playing with pretend cash machine made out of an empty show box, complete with a pretend epson receipt printer,code scanner - also made out of boxes - and paper money cut out from blank A4 paper. For pretend games they work well enough, but they don't have the fancy dings, and kachings sound. Haven't really decided yet. Still have a month to go.

Though I felt like it was only yesterday I held the little pink bundle for the first time, it's like a dream when I see her show her 4 short fingers when she tells people that she's 4 years old (Soon will show 5). Where did all the time go.

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