Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fav apps.

After having Momo for some days, now I understand why some people became an Apple fan. The thing is just amazing. So I can imagine how cool the Ipad can be. I'm trying to persuade my husband into getting one. :p

Anyway, here are a few apps that I love.

Malaysian radio app. 

Sinar FM is my favourite radio station at the moment. Playing both Malay and English songs from the 80's and 90's. I can listen to it on my laptop, but with the Ipod I don't have to on my laptop and I can take it along with me to other rooms (especially the kitchen). I can even listen to it on the bed.  I'd listen to it before I go to sleep. Felt like being back in M'sia.

I like all the Japanese language learning apps.

Especially 'kotoba'. In fact it was the main reason why I wanted to get the Ipod. I wanted to get the electronic dictionary at first. But some people on a Japanese language learning forum talked me into getting an Ipod instead and get this free dictionary app. So here it is! :)

The blogging apps are great too. In fact I blogged the previous post through blogbooster app. With the many wifi hotspots, it means that I can blog just about anywhere where there are free wifi.

Ooooh, and the social network apps. I like Y! Messenger especially since I can do video call on the Messenger. Again I can just turn on my Pc to do that. But it would be much quicker with the app. Since the Ipod touch 4g has a front facing camera, I can make a video call from it easily.

I don't even have to on my laptop in the morning just to check my email. And when I wake up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep after that, I don't have to get up from bed, but just grab Momo and browse the net on it. Read articles about how to remove dark circles under eyes due to lack of sleep perhaps. :)

Or use the Live Cam app to watch places around the world through web cams. You'll never know what you will get to see by chance.


si Dyah said...

Ahahaaa....another convert Apple! is easy to get so hooked to endless apps they have for Ipod, Iphone and Ipad! I love my ipad....blogging is so much easier now :-)

The radio streaming app is indeed cool ya?

Technology nowadays. ...really keep me amazes with what it can do and help us in our everyday life

Hi are you? "-)

Sultana said...

Salam dyah, I'm fine thank you. Sometimes not feeling too good these days do to the weather I suppose.

Yes these apps are awesome. Just have about everything - pedometer app, photography app, dictionary apps, games etc. Too bad it doesn't have coffee making app though. LOL

Ayu said...

Uhm, dunno about any gadgets nowadays. I just felt that the first generation of iPhone was just a great hype. Bought a Taiwanese PDA a year before its release, and it had every feature that iPhone had--and more. It could do copy-paste while the iPhone couldn't.

Nowadays people said the new Windows Mobile is better, eg. on LG Optimus 7. Yet it can't even do copy-paste, just like iPhone many years ago. Just don't get it.

Sultana said...

Ayu, I don't understand it either. LOL But then again we don't have to understand it. It all depends on individual preference and needs. Some people like Iphone, some people like windows mobile etc. Apple fan would say Iphones are better, Windows fan would say Apple sucks. LOL And the battle continues... :) I like Apple and Windows. Heeee.... :D In fact maybe they should merge and become the ultimate company for computers and gadgets. He he he...

Dyah said...

And the battle continues....LOL

I love apple products simply because of its design...and i am very particular about it. Admit it...they (apple products) all look gorgeous dont they? despite their abilities and limitations.
but i am being bias here as I love my iPhone iPad macbook to bits! LOL

Yes Syari, it would be good to have coffee making apps :-P

Sultana said...

Dyah, I like windows because I'm so used to it. And I like Apple products because they are nicely designed (now that I have experienced using one :0), I cannot deny the awesomeness of it )

So I really understand your obsession. :D

Ayu said...

I guess it's like costs a bomb to own one, yet ppl are still buying it for its design. Guess I'm rather a This Fashion fan in this case :p

Sultana said...

Ayu, some people do think that Apple product is a luxury item. Cause they are expensive compared to other brands. They not only look nice though, they have have great functions too which makes them very appealing. I don'y know whether you have fiddled around with an iphone or ipad, but most people who did, agree that they are cool products not only for the looks.

Ayu said...

I never had any apple product. Maybe because zsolt is windows developer lol.

Either that, or I'm growing old :D Feel overwhelmed with all those gadgets. Years ago I'd happily change a mobile whenever I had a chance. Now I just want a basic one, as long as it can make phone calls, text and has a camera. Doesn't matter how good a mobile is, we'd still need a netbook. And even if we had the best neetbook, we'd still need a laptop. Many games can't be played on netbook, for example, and so on.

Geez, I am growing old lol. Anyways I guess it's not fair to judge without trying. But it's not like I'd spend hundreds of $$ to try it, so...I'll give this one a miss.

Sultana said...

Ayu, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to try. I suppose Orchard Road must have places where they sell Macs or Iphones or Ipods and they have to allow people to try. I tried out the Iphone at T-mobile when we were looking for a phone. And the mac book at a booth in Arkad. I could spend an hour fiddling with it, and I don't think people would even care (if you're serious in buying that is. he he he). :D They're selling at a booth in Tesco too now. LOL

I don't have a fancy phone either. Don't mind to have one if someone would buy for me. he he he Though I don't need a fancy one. I seldom use my phone to talk. I only use to text.

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