Friday, November 19, 2010

Letter to Santa.

Even though Christmas is still more than a month, here, people also celebrate Santa Claus day on the 6th of December. For the kids usually. It's when people put their cleaned up boots by the window. If they have been good, they will find goodies in them the next morning, if not they will find a piece of twig (supposedly left by the krumpus to beat the naughty child). On this day, usually kids only get candies, but some people do give presents too.

Just for the fun of it, Bonnie wrote a letter to santa, with my assistance of course, to tell him what she wants for Christmas this year. I think they'd do the same thing at the kindergarten, only that of course they will write in Hungarian. Either Santa is a polyglot or he has many elf assistants to help him with the translation. :P

I wrote on another paper and she copied and decorated the letter. It's sweet to see her innocence, believing that santa claus does exist. :D As usual, she'd ask for an animal. Not a real one though, a soft toy cat that she can sleep with.

We'd get her a plush toy cat definitely and thinking of getting her another set of toys that she may like as well. Something like this mini pets sets which I saw at the christmas presents red envelope website.

I bet parents do feel the excitement of choosing presents for their children. Imagining the happiness on their faces when they saw what they had received.

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Maya said...

that is so incredibly adorable :)
your daughter has a gorgeous imagination

- Maya

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