Thursday, November 25, 2010


Momo is the name I gave to my Ipod touch. Yeah it has a name. :) I thought I'd call it Coco III. Since my laptop is Coco II and my old PC is Coco. But Momo seems to fit it. It does look Momoish to me at least.I'm one of those people who likes to name their daily favourite items. Momo is kind of an early Christmas present for myself.

I've downloaded loads of apps already and played around with Momo for a bit. She's a 32 gb model 4th generation. I can't believe that I didn't get it any sooner. I love the Japanese dictionary app - Kotoba. I also downloaded some children's app for Bonnie. Though I don't think she'd be able to play around with it for now, well at least until, I get a little bored of it. Not that I think I would. My life would never be the same again without Momo. That I know.

P/s: Is it a good idea to get a 5 year old a binocular? Or a telescope would be better? (at least she can look at the stars and moon closer)

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