Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chicken pox?

Bonnie started to become feverish yesterday evening when she was at her grandma's place. This morning she still had fever so we decided that she should stay at home.

I saw a peculiar looking bump at the side of her waist. I said to myself, "don't tell me it's chickenpox now." It was too early to say whether it was exactly 'that' then but I kept checking her skin to see any more of those bumps appearing. Sure enough, there were more.

I didn't really know how chickenpox look like, so I checked some images online.(´・_・`) Nasty images, some of them. Chickenpox alright. But still need to get confirmation from doctor tomorrow.

I, myself, have never got it. I'm in real danger of catching it now, if I haven't caught the virus already. I got through safe when my sister had it. Then my brother. I'd be very lucky if I escape this time again.

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msmitchie said...

Zuleikha had hers when it was almost her 4th b'day tht we had to cancel her party. :-(
Not to scare you, but I had it right after that. I couldn't ask why I was spare when I was a child. It's not pretty to get it when you are an adult. It raised more alarm and everybody began asking if chicken pox is really once in a lifetime.
It's good she has it now where the weather isn't hot and humid. Tho if I were to doit again now I'll get Zuleikha her chicken pox vaccine. Hehe
Get well soon Bonnie!

Sultana said...

Mitchie, I don't expect that I will be spared from getting it this time. :( But I do hope that I can wiggle myself out of this one too. LOL One can hope.... :)

I read that if you get it when you're an adult, it would be more painful & dangerous. So it's good too that she is getting it now. Get over it the sooner the better.

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