Friday, December 10, 2010

Driving licence

I haven't driven a car for years. I have thought of getting a licence here so that I can drive to send and pick up Bonnie at least. I was told that we, the non-EU citizens would have to take up a Hungarian licence after a year. Which means having to go for medical check up, and do the driving test and written exams. Some people adviced me to just get an international licence from Malaysia. The second option is so much easier right? But I really need to know whether that is all I need to have to drive here.

My driving licence expired 2 years ago. And I know I have to renew it soon or I will have to do everything all over again to get my licence back. Fortunately for me, I found out that there is a service where we can renew our licence directly online and they will deliver the renewed licence directly to your house if you choose so. This service started last year. Now would be a good time for me to renew my licence and then enquire about the International licence.

If this works well, I can say I am sure glad we live in a world where technology has made things easier. Online shopping, licence renewal online, leaves blower for autumn, and there are even snowblowers ( saw toro snowblower on a catalogue) to help clear away paths without shovelling.

Anyhow, after the licence issue is resolved, then only I think about how in the world to drive on the left hand side. So used to having to shift the gear with my left hand, sure would be awkward to handle it with my right hand. Well... one by one first.

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