Saturday, December 04, 2010

Kis okos madar

Csirke ( means chicken in Hungarian) the parrot who greets everyone. That's why he got the title 'kis okos madar' which means little smart bird.

Did you know that there is no way to differentiate whether a parrot is a female or male just by looking at it? You need to run some dna test to find that out. Guess polly the pirate parrot isn't always a girl huh?

We just consider csirke a male cause he looks macho. :p I think he likes me cause when ever I stood by his cage, he'd come closer. When I sang to him, he'd dance.

Hmm, maybe we should get a parrot? :)

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Ayu said...

Geez Syari, if you stay there for another five years you'd have a zoo :D

Sultana said...

Hope it's going to be true Ayu, that would mean we'd be rich enough to have a zoo. LOL Bonnie loves animals.

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