Monday, December 06, 2010

Santa Claus came!!

It's 6th of December and it's Santa Claus day. Last night the three of us cleaned our boots and set them by the window and went to bed. This morning we woke up and saw that our boots were filled to the brim with goodies. Yay!

Bonnie's boots by the window. Seems like she is Santa's favourite among the 3 of us. She got more than us, her boots overflowed with good things, and she got a book about Santa Claus workshop and more candies on the windowsill.

Bonnie was curious to know what I got. Seems like Santa knew what I like. :P

He he he... It was fun playing children. At least it was entertaining for Bonnie. I bet they'd be talking about what they got from Telapo/Mikulas/Santa Claus at the Kindy.

As for me, I suppose it is the time that I learn more about lipofuze or really go to that belly dancing class I was invited to go to every week. The season of Chocolates and candies is here! We'll be getting chocolates from everyone we visit now and it would be a shame to just let them go to waste. :D

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