Sunday, January 02, 2011

New year resolution?

To be honest, I've given up on resolutions. Since I almost never fulfill them. But it seems to be some sort of tradition for some people to make them even though they are fully aware that they will never achieve most if not all of them. So some people would ask me what my New Year's resolutions are. And my answer would be the same every year - carry forward the ones from last year. :P

Okay, okay, I do have some 'secret personal' resolutions that I'd rather keep to myself. Not because I'm afraid that if peole know it I really need to push myself to do it. ;) But they are too personal. Some things you can share and some things you'd rather keep to yourself right?

Well, the 1st day of 2011 was exciting for us. Since we spent some time outdoors sledding. We went to a place called 'Janos hill' if I'm not mistaken. It is one of the places where you can actually ski or do some snow boarding in Budapest.

The 2nd day of 2011, which is today, was just spent at home. Didn't feel too good, with runny nose and coughing. I think, these past few weeks have been the coldest weeks I had ever experienced in my life. Even the brake and the gear of the car made squeaky noises due to the cold. That's how it is, it's fun to sled and play with snow in winter, but with it comes not too pleasant things as well, like squeaky brakes and runny noses.

Tomorrow, school and work goes back to normal. Bonnie will be going back to kindy after weeks of being at home. I know she is looking forward to it. :)

Here's a short video I took when sledding.

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comey_lote said...

rahsia besar nampaknya NY resolution akak...hihi
takpe la kan, lagipun tu utk kita achieve,watpa nak bising2 kan...
ida plak kalau azam ni, ida buat hari...bukan la hari2,tp kalau ada rasa nk diperbetulkan ida buat je la azam baru...alah, kalau setakat ..'nak banyak bersabar'..'tanak menjawab mulut suami'...tak perlu la tggu NY kan..kekeke

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