Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Newly adopted.

Mr. H is at his grandmother's place to deliver some food for her. Bonnie begged to follow, so here I am at home alone. Again. I'm doing a little facial. Sure is a pain, getting rid of blackheads. I envy those who have clear skin. :( So while I wait for my mask to dry, here I am, blogging.

Anyway, as I mentioned about posting pictures of our two newly adopted hamsters, so here they are.

I asked Bonnie to name them. Immediately she said, "Peti és Gergő". She got the name from a Hungarian children's book, 'Anna, Peti és Gergő'. It's a book about the everyday events in the lives of three Hungarian children, written by their mother. I thought it was cute. Peti is short for Peter, while Gergő is Gergely (Gregory). The smaller, darker coloured one is Peti and the chubbier, lighter coloured one is Gergő.

Peti is more active I think. He's always climbing around and the only one that I've seen running on the wheel. Gergo is always either balled up in the little house or eating. Well, Gergo is more like me. LOL So he is my favourite. :p

I think they are simply adorable creatures.


ayulittleone said...

Hey I like Gergely, like Hungarian hero Gergely Bornemisza :)

Sultana said...

Yeah I like the name too. :D

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