Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No kindy

Daddy is still up and working. Bonnie is asleep. She didn't go to kindergarten today. Not because she was sick, but because daddy thought that she looked very tired. So we let her sleep on in the morning.

We were out till a little late last night with her. I had a doctor's appointment at 7 pm. Bonnie was sent to her grandma. When we finally left the clinic it was around 9. Picked her up from her grandma's place and went to a Turkish restaurant in the city. Packed up food and went back home nearly 10 o'clock. So we had a late dinner and she slept rather late. She had a long day. When I told her we should go out for a walk today, she refused. So I suppose she must be quite tired. She nearly never say No when asked whether she'd like to go out for a walk or not. 

The imp change the names of our hamsters again. Not really change, more like swap names. This is Peti. The real Peti from the book is the bigger brother, the younger one is Gergo. So the dark, smaller hamster is Gergo now. Well, Peti is bigger in sized, but mainly because he eats more. When ever I check on them, he's the one busy eating. Never seen him once on the hamster wheel yet. So far both of them are sure busy chewing on the wooden hamster houses. The strip the bark. Hamlet did the same. Good thing the hamster houses didn't come with small log furniture, they would end up becoming hamster food.


Ayu said...

Why did you have to see doctor, Syari? Your cold?

Everyone seems to have caught cold. We're having 3 guests from jakarta, and after two days here she's down with cold.

Zsolt was admitted to hospital earlier today, because of lacking of oxygen :( He can't draw oxygen while breathing. I still have pain chest after coughing for two weeks. Adam's healed--hopefully he'll stay healthy.

Been busy with treating all these illness :( What a way of starting new year.

Sultana said...

Yes, my cold and extreme dry skin. :(

Oh my,that is not good, hope he gets okay soon. Have to take extra care with Adam then.

We were sick a lot too beginning of year.

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