Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pictures from last week.

We went up again to Janos hill last weekend. Due to the rising temperature the snow there had started to melt then. Perhaps it is all gone by now. Felt like spring. In January!

Walking downhill on melting snow wasn't such a good idea. It was very slippery that I nearly fell on my behind a few times.

Some green even though we only expect Spring in a couple of months time.

The little railway track going through the forest.

We buried Hammy there. Mr. H dug the hole at first, then I took over cause I thought the hole wasn't deep enough. Sure wasn't easy to dig the hard soil.

Hammy lying it there somewhere among the bits and pieces of rags and woodshavings. 

The goodbye.

I still feel sad about Hammy. I feel sorry for all hamsters who had to live and die alone. We didn't want a pair because we would end up with a colony of hamsters since they give birth at least once a month. Someone suggested to just give the babies away to other people or the petstore. But then we would have to wait till the babies are grown up a bit since they depend on breast milk until a certain age. Worst comes to worsts there's the family friends who are keeping pet snakes and they feed baby rodents to their small snakes. (that's a pity to be snake food) Well, those were the options but who would deal with all that every couple of weeks?

I may be going to get new hamsters for the family tomorrow afternoon from a nearby petstore just a few blocks away. This time we'd get two so can keep each other company (I suppose hamsters chat among themselves too), but they would be of the same gender. Either both female or both male. Bonnie insisted on getting a white mouse. Both her daddy and I said 'No' to that. I can stand hamsters but not mice.

Well, let's see, maybe I'll be introducing our new family members soon.

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