Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pox mark.

When kindergarten started a few weeks ago, we found out that a few other kids were absent due to chicken pox. Many of them took weeks to heal. We were quite fortunate I suppose that Bonnie only had to be at home for a week.

It has been a month now since she got her chicken pox, but there are still 2-3 pox marks left. Those ones are rather big and deep.

In the picture above she was making a Christmas card for her grandma. That time the chickenpox had started to crust over and heal. The ones so obvious were right on her nose and on her forehead. They left quite deep scars. I know if I get those kind of scars, they would stay for a very, very long time before they dissappear,if they dissapear at all. I do wonder whether acne scar removal cream would be able to help get rid of pox mark as well. But then since she is still a child and her skin cells are in tiptop condition, maybe the cells would help the skin eliminate the scars naturally and perhaps using some cream with vitamin E would help the healing process. 

 She is a girl after all, and pox mark on a girl's facial skin isn't very becoming at all. Well I do hope they will dissappear.

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