Monday, January 10, 2011


6:51 am. Soon Bonnie will be up for kindy. Right now I am feeling sad. Hammy died on Sunday night. I found him dead in his bed. It was quite a surprised since he was active in the day. Maybe he got sick? Maybe he had a heartattack?

Every morning he would greet me. Climbing up the cage, doing his 'commando Hammy' act. I even went to his cage just now hoping that he'd come out and do the same thing. I forgot, that he is no longer there. Last night was terribly silent without the sound of scraping and the hamster wheel going round and round.

We buried him in the forest at mount Janos. I suppose he is free now as he had always wanted.

Goodbye Hamlet Jackson Furball. Thank you for the companionship, fun, smiles and laughters in the years you were with us. Life so shortly lived but so much given (unknowingly to him). We love you and miss you.

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