Friday, February 25, 2011

Angry cat

Since we still have some face paint left, so Bonnie turned into a kitty cat everyday for a few hours.

And when she is a cat her name is 'Lucy'. She got angry because I forgot to call her 'Lucy'. Hence the irritated and angry faces here.

In case you are wondering what those 2 pointy things on her forehead, those aren't horns, but ears and the lines over her eyes are her eyelashes because she's a girl cat. (She insisted that I paint those on)

Then we had to talk to each other in 'cat talk'. Lucy seems to have a different language but she can understand English, Malay and Hungarian. When I couldn't understand what she was saying she would kindly (sometime irritatedly) translate for me.

Not easy to entertain her at times but I sure would miss this one day when she is all grown up. Instead of busy playing like this she would then be busy about her looks (not that she isn't right now, just not too much yet) and which diets that work which don't and all that grown up girl things.

I wonder what animal she would want me to paint for her this evening.

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