Thursday, February 17, 2011

Felt like spring.

Have I mentioned how much I want winter to end? Yes I did. :) The weather kept on changing. It has been a rather dark day today. Been snowing a little too. Just amazing how it was quite sunny a week ago that we almost felt like it was early spring.

We took the opportunity to drive to Buda and check out this slide park. I forgot what this place is called, but it is located on an 'island' where they held the concerts every summer.

Bonnie sure had a lot of fun. And the parents at least were able to enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Well, the nice weather didn't last that long. Cold days like today would make me think about how nice it would be to be rich enough to just go on a year (or two) long vacation. Have enough money to just buy for cash a lovely motorhome complete with travel and motorhome insurance.Just drive to somewhere where it is nice and warm.

It's okay. Just need to hang on for a little bit longer. It'll be March soon.

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