Thursday, February 03, 2011

Random update.

Few years ago, if someone were to ask me, "what's your favourite season", I would say, "winter" without even blinking. Now I just can't wait for it to end. So gloomy outside and cold. Brrr.... I want some natural green please... Further we don't go anywhere when it's cold.

Days are just filled with, housework, tutoring, learning, reading and watching movies. Bonnie will be staying at her grandma's place again tonight. She practically begged me last night. I think for all the 4 years we've been here, she had stayed overnight at her grandma's place less than 10 times. Is that too little? Her father thinks so. Hmm... Of course life is easier for me, but I just feel like I need to see her in the mornings. My father in law's wife told me to learn to let go when she suggested for the humpteeth time that I should let Bonnie stay over at her grandpa's for the weekend. But I don't want to. She's my baby no matter how big she is going to be. I know eventually one day I will have to, but till that time... let her be with us. At least until she can take care of herself more - wash herself, clothe herself etc.

I cleared up some stuffs the other day and I found an old drawing of mine that I drew when I was 15 or 16. :) That's when my brother and I were collecting Dragon Ball manga. It's a drawing of Goku in his super saiyan form. Well, not that good, but  not too bad either I think.

Most of my things are scattered or got lost due to all the house moves throughout the years. I'm happy that at least there are still a few things left to remind me of my teenage years. I scanned it, just in case I lose the original.

I'm thinking about taking the Japanese Language test this year. In Budapest, there's only one exam every year which is held in December. Gosh, I don't know whether I still have what it takes for exams. Just thinking about it makes me nervous. I feel that I need to do it.

Well, I've the whole day ahead of me. House is cleaned, but need to cook dinner, and learn. And there's the old Japanese samurai movie waiting to be watched. :) Wish I have a big screen HDTV right now. Better than nothing though. I know some people are too busy even to watch anything. :)



Ayu said...

Ha, I feel the same about adam :) I guess it's only normal. Actually for his whole life so far I've only left him while seeing doctors and getting my hair done :p I just think that I should spend as much time with him as I can, because I know he won't stay forever with me.

You can draw quite well, Syari...guess we all grew up on manga :D What's your first? Mine was Candy Candy lol.

Sultana said...

Mine was Dragon Ball. :D

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