Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dentist appointment.

I've been dependant on pain killers since Sunday because of my swollen gum. My lower left wisdom tooth has decided to do a little growing again. Although usually I would only feel a little discomfort for a day or two but these past few days it hurt that I have to take pain killers.

Tomorrow, after work I will go and see the dentist. The last time I went to visit a dentist was when.... well, I don't really remember when. :"> That was a really long time ago yet I can still remember the feeling of the cold dentist tools probing in my mouth. The sharp tool dentists used usually reminds me of the long steel blackhead removal tool that comes with a sharp edge on the other end.Don't like it... :(

Though I was told that this appointment is only to check or perhaps do an x-ray to see the position of the tooth - to see whether it needs to be extracted or not - I really do hope that they can do something about it by this weekend. I don't think I want to live on pain killers for more than a week. Well, we'll see how it is tomorrow.


Ayu said...

Hi Syari, I've been lazy to blog because I started to play wih the Lord of the Rings Online, because it's now free :p

Are you working now? What do you do? I've lots to catch up with.

Been trying to wean Adam off of drinking during sleeping...still no luck, but at least he doesn't drink 11 bottles of water anymore.

The only time I had toothache was when my wisdom teeth grew. Both were painful, because there were not much space for them to grow. Hope that's not the problem with you now.

Sultana said...

Hi ayu, yeah been sometime since you last blogged. You can check out my a few of my previous posts for the answers to your questions Ayu. :P

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