Sunday, March 06, 2011

Get better please....

Woke up feeling quite bad this morning that I had to cancel lessons today with Tomi. After sending an sms to his mom I went back to sleep. Woke up at 11 something. Bonnie and her daddy went for swimming. I got up feeling a little better so I started to do house work. The house was in a mess since I didn't have the energy to clean up every day after work.

While waiting for the second batch of laundry, I folded clothes while watching something online. My nose is still congested and runny but fortunately my sore throat has gone and not coughing badly. I really need to get better by tomorrow for work. So I'm drinking lots and lots of this 'kakkufu' tea for cough. And hopefully Mr. H won't forget about the infrared lamp which he left at his mom's place.

Life has become a little bit hectic the first week. I can clean the house in the weekends, but it's sad that when you come back home after work and there's no hot food at home. :( Only once Mr.H made french toast. Maybe we will have to get food delivery service to send us food every evening. We will see.

Okie then, going to inhale some vicks vapourub in steamy water. Hopefully that would help too. 

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