Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hello kitty phone.

After weeks of consideration, I finally got the Samsung Star Hello Kitty Edition. Mr. H needed his phone back anyway. So far, this is the second Samsung I owned but the the first touch screen phone. Reminded me of my first phone that looked like a brick that can double as a weapon since it is big enough to kill a person if you smash it on his/her head. :P Then there was a time when I liked phone with antennas like the sony ericsson T10.

Picture of the box taken using the Samsung Star.

Picture I took with the phone's camera this morning while waiting for the bus to go to work.

Panoramic view picture.

The phone kind of look like a toy at first glance because of the Hello Kitty design but heck, it's cute. :) Plus, I think it takes considerably good pictures for a phone camera.

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