Sunday, March 27, 2011

Naked Lady party.

I went to my first 'Naked lady Party' today. It was hosted by one of my colleagues at her home. At 3.30 pm, Mr. H drove Bonnie and I to her place. I took Bonnie along with me because I wanted her to meet my friend's little girl.

There were about 13-14 people at the party. All ladies who are, from what I understand,  international school or kindergarten teachers. We each brought unwanted but useable clothes and we pile them all in the center of the room. I brought some clothes which I almost never wore - perhaps once or twice - and a few of Bonnie's old clothes and a couple of soft toys that Bonnie never played with. One of the ladies started showing the clothings one by one to everyone. So who ever wants it will have to raise her hand. If only one person wants it, naturally she automatically gets it. But if there are more than one person who wants the same thing, we have to do a little lucky draw - put a piece of paper with your name on it and just chuck it in a bag and a random someone will draw a name and the name chosen will get the item. We started at around 3.40 pm and it ended at about 6 something. So it took some time to distribute everything. Any clothes/shoes/bags that nobody wanted are collected in a big bag to be donated.

After it ended, I called Mr.H and within 10 minutes he was there to collect us back home. I obtained quite a nice collection of clothes. Well, other than getting different things to wear without having to pay for them, it was really fun. Not to mention you get to get rid of the clothes you don't want to use anymore.I sure wouldn't mind going to another one like this again. :)

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