Saturday, March 05, 2011

New babies.

I have new babies now. Well, not mine :) but I can have them for some hours a day. It has been a week since I started working in a private English kindergarten. It is tiring, but I loove it. There are 3 classes so far. The one that I am supposed to be in is the 5-6 year olds, but since the another teacher was on sick leave, I helped at the nursery.

Taking care of the 5-6 year olds is like taking care of 8 Bonnies. Well, not all are hyper like her. The toddler group is more difficult to care for since some of them still needs diaper and still potty training. But at least you can do a lot more things with the 5-6 year olds - make cards, painting, diy unique jewelry box for the girls, cardboard cars for the boys and things like that.

On my fifth day I got sick. I think not only because I'm not used to the rush, but I'm not immune to the many new bacteria and viruses on the public transportation and at the kindergarten. I came back home and soaked myself in a warm bath for 15-20 min, had dinner and went to sleep. I'm sure my body will get used to it. Good thing Bonnie wasn't at home cause her daddy sent her to grandma. I wouldn't have the energy to handle her. But I miss her though. :(


si Dyah said...

Hi syari....

Whoa i think i missed a lot of stories abt u and your family.

So u r working a kindergarten teacher! Marvelous! But yes it is so tiring to care and teach 'little people'. I once was given two slots back to back english class for children back in my country. I felt so exhausted after the lesson was over! I commend you for taking up the challenge. You will soon be their favourite teacher, i am sure. :-)

Oh ya... Get well soon okay?

Sultana said...

Hi Dyah, :D thanks for visiting my blog. I haven't checked on your updates for sometime now too.

I like the work so far. With children it is always tiring, but at least it would keep me fit. :D

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