Monday, April 25, 2011

New cage for the boys.

When I went to the petstore to adopt Peti and Gergö, I was told that two male djungarian hamsters can live together in a cage if they are together since birth. It was obvious to me when I adopted them, they were brothers or at least they were living together in the same cage at the petstore. They continued to live together in the same cage for sometime.

However, Peti being the bigger and fatter sized one, he started to become aggresive. So to prevent further damage, or major injuries to Gergö, we decided to get another cage for them. We browsed online for a cage and found this one by Ferplast called the 'Olympia'. We called the distributor here and ordered it, and 2 weeks later we collected it at the store. Good thing we ordered it cause we got it for a lot cheaper than buying it from the shelf.

We liked it when we say the picture of the cage and love it even more when we see Gergö going around and exploring the tunnel and the the upper floors. It is expandable though I don't think we would add more to it unless if we move to a bigger place. For now we keep on changing the cages for the two boys. One week Gergo in the Olimpia, the next would be Peti's turn and so on.

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formatii nunta said...

Nice cage, i want to buy one for my hamsters but i`m not sure what to choose. Do you have any advices?

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