Saturday, April 09, 2011

Out you go.

 "This is your tooth" the dentist showed me a big molar. "a little chipped but we found the small part". I was glad that it only took about 30 minutes more or less to get the tooth out. I hated the drilling part. I could smell something burning.

When we came back home we stopped by the pharmacy to get cold compress and some other meds for Bonnie's coughing - She is staying at her grandma's place for the second night. As soon as we came home I changed my clothes and went to bed. I felt a little drowsy and tired. Glad that is over. The next appointment is on the 20th when it's time to get the stitches out.

Right now, as I've taken pain killer, I feel quite fine but my left cheek is swollen. I'm not sure yet whether I would be feeling okay to go tutor tomorrow or not. If I'm fine I'd go, if not I'd rather just stay home and do a little cleaning and preparing for next week work and Bonnie's kindergarten.

By the way, Bonnie is going to the same kindergarten where I work now. It's easier for her daddy as now I can prepare her in the mornings. So no commuting for me for now because he sends and picks us up everyday. His workplace is only 10 minutes away from the kindergarten.

Wish I have more time and energy to update here. I've many things to talk about. Including something interesting that happened at the kindy a few days ago. :) Hopefully I can do so tomorrow.

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