Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random talk

The one week Easter holiday is coming to an end as tomorrow Bonnie and I will be back to kindergarten and work respectively.I guess I had enough time reading, browsing the net and watching some unwatched movies. Bonnie was at grandma a lot as her cousins are there.

We did go to Szente again, this time we took along Noushy, Bonnie's cousin with us. We had a glimpsed of how it is like to have another child. :D They spent time a lot together. For once we can really relax and just watch them play together. If not Bonnie would come to us every other minute while we work or sit down to rest.

And then there was the free labour too. :P Bonnie was more motivated to help as her cousin was there to help along. It's nice to have another kid I guess, but I don't think I'm ready to change diapers again 24/7. It's enough that I have to do it at the nursery sometimes but at least I don't have to do it at home.

On Friday evening, Bonnie and I had some fun time browsing around at Sugar (shopping complex) while we waited for her daddy to finish talking with a work acquaintance.

She was not too happy cause I refused to buy her anything else other than a cone of two flavoured icecream. Her grandma and Istvan bought her two soft toys the day before so I thought that would be enough for some time.

It was interesting that by 8 pm most of the stores are closed. Okay... it is not a high end shopping complex with designer brands like - zara, h&m, dereon and the likes, I know... but seriously even a village store back in developing country Malaysia closes at 10 pm. geez...

Well, I'm sad that the holiday is coming to an end, but I'm very much looking forward to get back to work.

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