Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm on holiday for a week. Easter holiday. Feels real good to be able to not rush and take time every day. Nobody really likes working. Well, most of us at least. But when you work, holidays mean a lot more I guess. :)

Summarized update:

1. There was a small fire at the kindergarten 2 weeks ago. The intercom short circuited. We smelt something strange (like burnt plastic) the day before but didn't know what it was.  So there was some sort of excitement for both teachers and kiddies. We got to see the fire trucks and firemen. The teachers went " look children...fire trucks...nee noo, nee noo" LOL. It was funny how the fire men (they came in 2-3 fire trucks) were looking around for the fire and there was nothing cause the fire was extinguished.

2. We had a new teacher from California. (Hyper guy I call 'hamster' cause he runs 12 kms everyday)

3. Went to Szente again to open up the weekend house - Turned on the water,air the rooms,cut the grass - and we enjoyed the garden.

4. Went up to Janos hegy (John hill) and tried out the Libegő both ways ( down and up again) and checked out the tower at the peak of the hill that was built in memory of Queen Elizabeth (Erzsebet kiralyno) of Hungary.

5. Bonnie diagnosed with Pneumonia last Wednesday, but it was not that serious. Thankfully. Went for second checkup on Monday and doctor said she is okay. We only have to give her cough medicine.

6. We went hiking in Holdvilág-árok with my colleagues last Saturday. All colleauges came including Mr.H and the husband of another colleague. It was fun although in the end it didn't really go as planned. We missed the bus to Szentendre (twice) that we walked like nearly 10 km more. The plan was, after the hike we would get to Szentendre to eat cake and drink coffee while enjoying the view of the danube. But we walked more that we intended to that we ended up calling the taxi and went back to Pomaz to where we parked the car and drove back home.

7. We went to the dance theater on Sunday. While Mr. H and his dad had some father and son time,Bonnie, Kati (father-in-law's wife) and I went to watch a dance musical - La Fontaine állatmesék - something like Aesop fables but adaptation by La fontaine. New experience for me so it was interesting. We may go again sometime.

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