Saturday, May 21, 2011

Daily cuteness.

Taking care of a child is not an easy job as I can attest to that. And I'm sure many mothers would readily do so too. Many a times mothers would ask us, 'I really don't know how you people can do it. It's tough to care for a child yet alone 15-20 kids of different ages'. Well, it isn't easy that physically and emotionally that I can say. But we had plenty of help. Not only from other teachers but also the children themselves. Getting daily doses of cuteness and positive energy from the children sure is wonderful.

We have new children coming in every few weeks that we had to put them on the waiting list for children of certain age groups. These month alone we had 3 new Japanese children. Kouta was calling me, 'sensei...' LOL Never in my life had I imagined a child calling me sensei. :D It's real cute.

My phone is just full of pictures of the kids. It is very convenient to have a camera phone that you can just whip out of your pocket and take pictures with in an instant.I haven't been using my fz28 I must admit cause it is bulky and takes a lot of time to edit the pictures especially if taken with RAW file. I haven't really figured out how to really utilize the RAW file editor yet even. I think learning to use inetsoft business intelligence software is a lot more easier than learning how to edit a RAW photo file. Well, I know I will never use a DSLR.

The children grow up and leave the kindergarten, but new ones would definitely come. But at least I'd have plenty of pictures to remember them by.

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