Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ikan bilis

While watching this video of Malaysian cuisine I reminisce the days when we would go out and eat out 2-3 times a week. The variety of choices of food that we could choose. *sigh* One of the things I miss actually.

I'm thinking about making nasi lemak (rice cook with coconut milk) either tomorrow or the day after on the weekend. All cause I bought a few packets of ikan bilis or dried anchovies. Yes,I found a place to buy ikan bilis or dried anchovies here in Budapest. :D

Got it from an Indian store. The lady even told me that many Malaysians who went into her store would definitely buy those. Well, good business for her if only they were more Malaysians in Budapest. :D It's a must ingredient to have at all times in the kitchen. Well at least for me.

I was really excited when I saw it. So now I can make nasi lemak everyday if I want too. :P Well, not really everyday cause that wouldn't be too good on my weight and skin. I'd get both face and body acne if I eat too much nasi lemak. Even good things can be bad if you over do.

I'm just so glad that there are more variety of Asian ingredients can be found here in Budapest.

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