Wednesday, May 04, 2011

It's me.

Though 'Mother's day' is celebrated on the first Sunday of May here, but we are doing a small event at the kindergarten only this coming Friday. Bonnie and her friends were busy making Mother's day crafts since last week. Although I'm not supposed to know the surprise that she made for me, but it can't be helped that I saw her making them when I passed through her classroom.

In the corner where they put all the drawings of their mothers, I saw a drawing of me. :)

Well, they say it kind of look like me. Though I don't really have a curl but I'm happy that she made it look so pretty and nice. :D I love it.

I hope that it will be a nice weather this Friday so that both children and parents would be in a better mood. Weather the last few days have been a little crazy. Some mornings it would be quite sunny that you would think it's time to take out the Ray Bans and bask in the warmth of the sun when the wind would start blowing and the clouds would turn dark as if a storm is brewing only to be sunny again a few minutes later.

What ever it is, I do hope that everybody's mood would be good that day that we get full cooperation from everyone.

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