Saturday, May 28, 2011

A little shopping.

We would like to go to Szente today however it started to rain around midday so we cancelled it and just went to Cora instead to shop for Bonnie's Children's day present. We got her a box of geomag since she was always playing with these when she was at Tomi's place - He has hundreds of these.

Got myself 4 pez dispensers (I'm collecting them) :D and a new leather belt for Mr. H. Told him that they are gifts for children's day for us ex-children. LOL

Then browse through the toilletries area and looked around for things that I may need. Looking at the health product area,  there are more and more diet or slimming tea being sold compared to when I first came here. I had a little dejavu looking at those slimming tea boxes as I used to check them out when I was in late teens and early 20's. You still can't find alli or OxyElite Pro or Fenphedrine sold on shelves though.

Then we went to check out the petshop to look for a hamster travel carrier. It's exactly like this but ours is lime green.

Right in front of the store there were three adorable pets which we were told came from the animal shelter. These are pedigree dogs and I wonder why they are there. Seems like some owners who can't afford to keep them anymore just had to let them go. So there were there to ask people to donate food for the dogs in the shelter. Just buy at least one tin or a bag of dog food from the petshop and just leave it in the box specially for the animal shelter authorities to pick up.

If only we can have dogs as pet I would adopt this guy (or gal??)  :( He is so cute to me. Like a teddy bear. By the looks of it, I think the people at the animal shelter seems to take good care of these dogs. Hungarians can treat other people rather badly at times, but one thing about them they really do love animals. That I got to hand it to them. I've seen an old lady carrying cat food around when she goes for walks with her just to feed stray cats she finds along the way. Even my father in law would collect bones from anyone he knows to feed dogs. He once spoke about his pet chuchu (that died) teary eyed as if it was a human being.

Well, thanks to the rain, our activities for the day just consist of going to Tomi's place, shopping at Cora and go back home to rest. Tomorrow if the weather permits we shall go to Szente.

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