Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11th.

It was a long day at the kindergarten today. The last few parents left at 5 pm but a few more people came in to do swimming lessons. They were actually lucky cause at least I was there to lock the place up so they could use the pool till 6 pm. Mr. H came to pick us up around that time.

 Here are a couple of  my current favourite pictures I took of Bonnie at the kindergarten.

Ben, taught them how to climb trees last week. So here she was showing off her skill to me.

I promised her I'd take a peek when she was in music time. She was so happy to see me. :)

I'm tired but I'm content. That's is what matters most. :)

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interpreti nunta said...

Nice pictures, she is so sweet. I have a daughter who has the same age with her.

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