Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quiet day.

Bonnie is at the swimming complex at the moment. With Grandma, her cousins and uncle. So it is a rather quiet day for us. Not totally a relax day, since we had to do the chores. Yes, weekends is time for me to clear up the mess accumulated on the weekdays when I was too tired to do the housework. Mr. H was kind to wash the dishes, so I just needed to vacuum, tidy up and do the laundry.

I still have things to clear up on my computer as well. A friend who visited us on September has been asking for the pictures I took with her. So while I look for those, I will do a little housecleaning on my computer as well. I've no idea I had so many ipod apps - hundreds of them. Why did I need a barcode scanner app? I've no clue why I downloaded that in the first place. (Perhaps simply out of curiousity) It works like a laser barcode scanner at the supermarket but instead of lasers you take a picture of the barcode. Then the app would give a list of places where you can get them on the internet. Useful app if you are a shopaholic, but I don't need it. Along witht that, hundred more apps will have to go.

Though it was forecasted that today we will have showers, but it has been sunny and warm since morning. Hopefully it would stay this way for a bit longer - I have another batch of clothes to hang out to dry. 

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