Sunday, June 26, 2011

4 more days to go.

There are for more days to go till summer break. For most of the children at the kindergarten that is. For Bonnie and I, we still have a month of Summer camp in July.

Last Friday we had a little graduation party for the parents and children. Some of the kids we won't be seeing again next September. Some move out of the country while some others move to a bigger kindergarten where their elder siblings are attending too.

After the short speech and 30 minutes of performances by the little children, it was time for refreshments. Food were prepared by parents and staff - we had an International food event as well. I made currypuffs. Glad people liked those.

After the party there was a small surprise in the form of a 3 musician Hungarian band. Bonnie and I played the Hungarian dance games. We both had a good time. And while I helped with the cleaning up, Bonnie was playing outside with her Japanese friend and her little sister. :)

So the children will go to the kindy till this Thursday and the teachers and assistants last day would be this Friday. I'm not sure whether that would be a full day or just a half day. If it were to be a half day, then perhaps I can drop by a bank and create an account which I've been wanting to do and who knows, I might as well get an instant approval credit card or debit card with that. Getting tedious to transfer money and pay my M'sian credit card.

Just hoping that this week will be a relaxing week with not many kids to handle. :D

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Ayu said...

Yum, I love curry puff....So, it's actually Malaysian. Thought so. I still have no idea what is original Singaporean food which really comes from Singapore? lol

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